Cheap Dedicated Server Rent to Own Dacentec Dual Quad Core 2XE5520

you want to have your own dedicated server? Dacentec provide special offer with rent to own program, with a minimum contract of 12 months’ rent a dedicated server in Dacentec after 12 months of servers belong to you, continue colo or take the server. Get it Best Cheap Dedicated Server HP ProLiant DL180G6 2xL5520 16GB RAM  just $60/month, here is specification :

Cheap Dedicated Server HP ProLiant DL180G6 2xL5520 16GB P212 RAID 2x2TB RTO

  • Dual Quad Core 2XE5520 16GB RAM 2X2TB Enterprise SATA
  • Gigabit Port
  • 10 TB monthly transfer.
  • /29 IP Addresses (w/ justification)
  • Free IP KVM loan on request
  • NO LOCK IN – Month-to-Month Contract – Cancel anytime
  • Hardware replacement including disk is free during the rental period.
  • Remote Reboot
  • Automated OS Installs
  • Bandwidth Graph
  • Rent To Own – Pay for 12 months and the server is yours, continue colo or take the server.


  • 7 Day no questions asked money back guarantee for accounts without spam or abuse.
  • 7 Day grace period for non-payment.
  • No notification period for cancellations. Cancel anytime.
  • No bandwidth overage charges. One warning without penalty, then a choice of upgrading service or capping bandwidth.
  • No long term commitment or lock in, if your business model changes, end customer cancels or you just decide you want to do something different you can cancel all or part of your services with us.
  • Special offers and deals can be ordered by new and existing customers, you can even cancel your old service without penalty.
  • Flexible billing terms, pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Select the payment date that suits you best.
  • 24 Hour setup SLA, even on the weekends, ensures you have the resources you need when you need them.
  • Dedicated VLAN, your resources aren’t sitting in a ‘pool’ with other customers resources.
  • Onsite North America Based Sales and Support
  • Gigabit ports

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