coupon virpus 30% off lifetime All Pure SSD VPS Linux Or Windows VPS

coupon code virpus 30% off for lifetime discount, you can have Pure SSD VPS (Linux + Windows) are 30% OFF FOR LIFE! Use Xen virtualization, instantly activated, and Seattle based. All VPS Virpus include IPv4+6

Virpus has chosen XEN PV (Cheap SSD Linux VPS) and HVM (for Cheap SSD Windows VPS) as our preferred virtualization technology

Core 2 – Ram 512MB – SSD Disk 15GB – BW 1.5TB – $3.50/month
Core 4 – Ram 1GB – SSD Disk 30GB – BW 3TB – $4.90/month
and many MORE!

Linux Orders Here use promotional code Virpus “spring3016!”
Windows Orders Here use promotional code Virpus “spring3016!”

Speed Test URL/IP Seattle: 100MB File Test IP:

Cheap VPS hosting virpus powered by Xen virtualization, instantly activated on one of Xeon powered nodes. Control panel orders may take up to one business day to complete.

Virpus now offer full time sever management, backup storage, DDoS mitigation, and app development plans! New Products + New Solutions + Top Notch Service Team = THE NEW VIRPUS!

With SSD Linux VPS or windows VPS plans, you get top notch speeds compared to that of traditional mechanical disk drives. This allows you to access your data quicker than ever! All VPS plans are powered by Xen Paravirtualization technology, known for its stability and reliability in the hosting world. get it now cheap pure SSD VPS Linux or windows VPS with coupon virpus and save 30% for lifetime

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